Consider yourself in an interview situation. What are the most common questions you’ll be asked? If you must have gone through several of them, one question which always stands out is about your skills.

The basic definition of skills is the ability to do something. But that something covers a whole larger domain. It includes personal life skills to professional skills.

Personal life skills are useful and necessary in your day-to-day life and assist you in your personal development.

These skills differ contextually from person to person but they do help you to become a better person, and also open you to expanding and improving yourself in different areas of your life.

Personal life skills include adaptability, communication, friendship, organization, problem-solving, sense of humor, etc. And these are developed while you are growing up as a part of your developing phase.

While professional skills are needed not just to do a particular job that you like but it is also necessary to grow in your role and to work well with others. These skills differ from one job to another but some jobs tend to have common ones.

For example leadership, management, dedication, self-confidence, etc. Learning new skills and working on improving on the skills you have already, helps you to succeed in life. It stands you out from the crowd. In this ever progressing and challenging world, learning and honing skills is the only way to compete with others. Every experience in life opens doors to learn something new or enables us to polish our current abilities.

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The impact of skills in life is immense and you can relate to it through these words of Robert Greene: "The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways."