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“TEAMWORK is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results”

Teamos: One-stop place to form your team

Teamos aims at developing a community that provides a perfect platform to form teams with people sharing the same interests or the required skill set for students, young entrepreneurs, and organizations.

Our objective is to provide each individual with the ideal platform for team selection so that a lack of possibilities never hinders their development.

Our objective is to build a community so strong that a student's or organization's progress will not be limited by a lack of a team or a lack of options.


Aayush Vats: CEO and co-founder of Teamos

Aayush Vats


Meet Aashish Singh -The CTO of Teamos

Aashish Singh


Pradeep Pal: COO of Teamos

Pradeep Negi


Aditya Pandey:-CMO of Teamos

Aditya Pandey


Ibrahim Akhtar: Head of Content of Teamos

Ibrahim Akhtar

Head of Content

Rhea Parida: Operations

Rhea Parida

Head of Operations

Satyajit Mishra: Lead App Developer of Teamos

Satyajit Mishra

Lead App Developer

Nikhil Srivastava: UI/UX Designer of Teamos

Nikhil Srivastava

UI/UX Designer

Aryan Pattnaik: Design Lead of Teamos

Aryan Pattnaik

Graphic Designer

Aditya Singh: App Developer of Teamos

Aditya Singh

App Developer

Swayam Verma: App Developer of Teamos

Swayam Verma

App Developer

Baibhav Mishra: Video Editor of Teamos

Baibhav Mishra

Video Editor

Sushant Sahu: Web Developer of Teamos

Sushant Sahu

Web Developer

Yoshita Ratnawat: Content Creator of Teamos

Yoshita Ranawat

Content Creator

Kiranpreet Sethi: Web Developer of Teamos

Kiranpreet Sethi

Web Developer

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