Debate Competition

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.”- Joseph Joubert

Teamos is inviting all the debaters out there to participate in our first debating competition “TUG OF WORDS” which will take place on 13 of November, 2021 at 6 pm onwards.

• All participants must register as an individual before 26th August 2021. Registration is only possible through the online registration form available below
• There is no REGISTRATION FEE for the debate competition. The topics would be revealed a day before the competition, i.e. 12th November, 2021.

Rules and regulations -

1) Research the topic and prepare logical arguments.
2) Gather supporting evidence and examples for positions taken.
3) Debate opens with the affirmative team (the team that supports the resolution) presenting their arguments, followed by a member of the opposing team.
4) This pattern is repeated for the second speaker in each team. 5) Each speaker shall be allowed to speak for 5 minutes.
6) Finally, each team gets an opportunity to rebuttal the arguments of the opponent.
7) Each speaker shall keep their cameras and mics on throughout the round, especially when he/she is speaking (including in to the rebuttals).
8) Any kind of misbehaviour will lead to disqualification.
9) In case there will be any technical issue from the organizer’s side, the time limit extension will be done accordingly.Decision of the judges shall be final, and no objection shall be entertained.
10) No usage of any book, document or electronic gadget is allowed with the participant while speaking.
11) Register yourself with the provided link given below. 12) The code and link debate competition and other further details will be mailed to you. 13) Make sure that you already have the software installed (ZOOM) and ready before the competition.
Register here:

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Proposed Debate Topics:

Is climate change already irreversible?
Banning plastic bags and packaging: yes or no?
Are genetically modified foods a viable solution?
Will technology make people smarter?
Is artificial intelligence dangerous?
Will robots increase people’s quality of life?
How do technological advances influence us?
Will humans colonize another planet soon?
Can all cars become electric?
Justifying the legalization of recreational marijuana: yes or no?
Is mandatory vaccination constitutional?
Alternative medicine and its impact on the future of healthcare.
Does technology promote our health?
Modern healthcare and antibiotics.
Is drug legalization a good idea?

Register Form

If you have gone through all the details and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations mentioned above, then click on the link below to register yourself.

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