Meme art

Teamos has come up with their very first meme art competition.

Meme Art Competition: Everything You Need to Know.

Participants have to show their creative skills in the making of different memes (considering that there should be no plagiarism).

1) Participants will be given a theme and a deadline to submit their memes.
2) Not more than 5 entries will be accepted from the participants.
3)Memes will be judged on the basis of creativity, humor, and plagiarism
4) Appropriate to theme

Rules and Guidelines:

1) Memes must be strictly self-made. If any meme is found to be copied, his/her memes won't be considered & the participant will be disqualified.
2) The participants must give the following details, in a specific format, while submitting their entries via the app or website
3) Plagiarism isn't allowed, and the meme must not be political, vulgar & offensive & must not harm any religious sentiments.
4) Any meme found to be offensive by the judges will be disqualified immediately.
5) Participants can submit their entries once the time is over
6) No entry will be accepted after 12 noon, 30th October 2021.
7) The entries will be shortlisted via a closed jury conducted by the judges on the day of the event.
8) Appreciation E-certificates will be provided to the top 10 shortlisted participants.
9) Participation E-certificates will be provided to all the participants.


1) The participants are required to send their entries at by 12 noon on the day of the event.
2) Any entries beyond the provided time limit would be penalized.
3) DATE OF EVENT: 31st October 2021.
4) TIME OF EVENT: 12 PM Onwards.

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If you have gone through all the details and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations mentioned above, then click on the link below to register yourself.

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