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Quiz Contest Rules & Regulations

1. Only team entries are eligible, and team shall consist of three persons
2. The decision of the quiz-master will be final and will not be subjected to any change.
3. The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic instruments.
4. The questions shall be in the form of multiple choice, True / False statement, Specific answer question etc.
5. Audience/Supporters shall not give any hints or clues to the competitors.
6. Replacement of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration.


Each team would be given a set of 25 multiple choice objective type questions
Time limit-
Only 4 Teams would be selected for STAGE ROUNDS.
In case of tie between 2 or more teams, further 5 questions would be asked for final selection
The selected teams shall have to appear for the final round


A question will be asked to a team and if they are unable to answer it will be passed to the next team - Rounds 4- 24 questions Each team would be asked 4 questions each. (Objective questions with options)
10 marks for correct answer and 5 negative marks for wrong answer.
If a team cannot answer the question, they can pass the question & then the question would be forwarded to the next team.
Answering time is only 30 seconds.
Team discussion is allowed.
1st round: Each team will be given 5 questions each answering time- 30secs
2 marks each question
2nd round: Hand raise

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If you have gone through all the details and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations mentioned above, then click on the link below to register yourself.

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