"Have a variety of interests. These interests relax the mind and lessen tension on the nervous system. People with many interests live, not only the longest but the happiest."

These words of George Mathew Allen just show the impact of interests on a person's life. Despite the widespread and trivial usage, the word interests have a much deeper significance, and when combined with trends, we create a whole new dish.

When we have a hobby, we feel compelled to learn more about it. It differs from an interest in a way, that interests are the feelings or emotions that are aroused in a human being. These feelings give rise to curiosity regarding a particular object or person..

Consider this, cooking is your hobby and you have been reading recipes and catalogs - this demonstrates that you're interested in a subject. You are so fascinated that you start cooking, and slowly and steadily, it becomes a pastime.

The next step you take to be better at cooking is that you start to make new and trending dishes and as a result, you become a person who follows the trend in your field of interest.

The example above demonstrates how closely interests, hobbies, and trends are related and complement one another. They promote each other as individuals and begin to resonate in our personalities.

The combination of these three ingredients develops our character and, as a result, our self-awareness and way of living. They are not just some escape routes from our lives or things we do to pass our time, but they have the potential to become our vocation or area of specialty, if used and perfected wisely (In the above case, a chef or a food blogger, etc).

Hobbies are a way to fill up our free time while also allowing us to soothe and rest our minds. Meanwhile, interest is something that you are ambitious about and pursue as a career.

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To conclude, trends can affect our interests, a hobby if fueled by social validation and turned into a career with enough practice, could open new doors for a new career with ample new opportunities for us.