Did you know?

There would have been no World Wide Web, no PIXAR (the company that gave us gems like toy story series, Finding Nemo, cars, etc.) if Steve Jobs were not fired from Apple in 1984.

“The ability to make right decisions is the most valuable skill ”

It all boils down to the story of what did Steve Jobs do after he got fired from Apple, but the bigger question is how was Steve Jobs able to pull this off and what edge did he gain over others that made him so successful?

Apart from other qualities that Jobs had, he had the ability to do something better than most people, also known as skills.

There are three types of skills:



special knowledge.

Functional skills are the skills inherited at an early age and developed over the years through learning and practice Some examples of functional skills are decision-making, communication, management, etc.

Self-management skills are the skills where you mold yourself according to the environment and manage to stay rigid in extreme conditions Some Examples of self-management skills are problem-solving skills, organization, negotiation, etc.

Special knowledge skills are the skills that define attributes, motivations, and abilities, it changes constantly, as you grow the ability to know yourself constantly changes, it is very subjective Some ways to acquire self-knowledge skills are

By meditating, regular feedback, taking psychometric tests, etc.

Why do you need skills?

The world is changing every day and every industry demands skilled and specialized professionals, skill gives you adaptability.

For example- the pandemic has forced everyone to work from home and companies that have adapted to it are blooming even amidst the pandemic.

Let’s say you are working on a project, and the project demands a particular kind of skill such as design, organization, negotiation, etc., that you are fluent in, You will have a more confident approach than others, your problem-solving ability will be better than others and you will have a clear goal since you are fluent in that particular domain.

When you are fluent in something, you have a better understanding of the patterns and hence you can execute it effectively and efficiently.

Learning skills develop a sense of achievement in you, can get you creative ideas, and helps in your overall growth.

When Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he led the company as the CEO, he once co-founded, he introduced a better management structure and set of norms, he was skilled and he applied all the skills and knowledge he had learned during his time away from apple and that continue to shape Apple to this day.

One should always strive to hone their skills and be it personal or professional, to know more about skills and the distinction between personal and professional skills, you can read this blog