What is a community?

The term community means a group of people living in a particular area, having particular characteristics in common. It can be found everywhere and can be created anywhere.

You may be unaware of it, but you already are a part of several different communities. It is not just based on your location but is also based on your lifestyle, your religion, your heritage, your education, or your abilities.

As Hewitt once said, “Community provides a psychological world and a place of identification for its members.”

Being in a particular community and surrounding yourself with people who have some grounds common to you is always easy and heart-warming.

Humans are social animals, they like to interact, share thoughts and feelings with fellow beings. Being in a community is a very important part of our life and helps in shaping our personalities.

How does a community help you?

Along with the development of personality, there are a lot of other benefits of belonging to a community. some of them are -

Helps in socializing: When belonging to a community, communication among its members becomes relatively easy as compared to talking to a complete stranger.

Support structure: A community has a very strong support structure. Whenever an individual is feeling down or lonely, other members could cheer the person up. It supports every member through their thick and thin.

Provides security: Living in a safe and secure community is an asset of being a part of a good community. It protects its members from any harm and gives them a sense of belonging.

Co-operation: In a community working and helping each other teaches the feeling of cooperation with others.

Sharing: One of the most important aspects of being in a community is to share with others. From sharing ideas to thoughts to resources helps a community to prosper.

Being in a community generates a sense of connection. It promotes unity and harmony among its members. It helps its members in need and provides them protection. It is a part of everyday life and has a positive impact on an individual.

From early life, the community has been an expression that emphasized the unity of people's or mankind's common life and has been "generating a sense of togetherness."

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