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Teamos is designed in such a way that it provides you with the platform to choose your ideal teammate based upon skill and interest either for an event, a project or a startup, from a community of students, professionals and entrepreneurs.


Build your event platform easily, to promote your event, track participant numbers and execute it perfectly.

Team Finder

Can’t find a proper team? We’ll help you find the right people that share the same interests as you.


We work together to discover, cater and produce work that we are proud of for folks that we believe in.


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One-stop solution to discover a teammate with whom you can work. Download our app now to take advantage of some fantastic deals.


Together Everyone Achieves More!

Find a team

Never let a lack of team hinder your progress, we are there to help you out whether you are student or a professional.

Skill Based Team Selection

We provide you with the perfect platform to choose your ideal teammate based upon their skills and your requirement.

Building Connections

Connect with students and professionals from different walks of life who share the same interests as you.

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Easy to use

Our simple user interface helps you in easily accessing the website and utilize all our features without difficulties.

Exactly what you want

At the time of setting up your profile, we focus on your skills and choices and cater the website according to your needs.

Collaborate on Events

Our events sections allows you to choose from a plethora of events that are displayed according to your choice.

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